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Trung Huynh
Broker Associate
(407) 373-4200
Trung's Philosophy
Trung has served our great nation for more than seven years in the United States Marine Corps.  When he was in the Marine Corps, he was instilled with the following leadership traits: integrity, honor, courage, and commitment.  He has been living by these codes of conduct every day.  Now as a Realtor/Broker Associate, he implements these leadership traits to better serve his clients in finding their dream homes or selling their current one. 
Trung’s philosophy on how he conducts business with his clients in his own words:
Integrity is the most important moral principle one must have.  In today’s real estate market, it is very easy for real estate agents to lose their focus on integrity, but not me.  I believe that once the integrity is damaged, the relationships between my client and me are at risk.  Therefore, I’m always honest and straightforward with all of my clients from the first time we meet.  I would rather lose a bad transaction than a good client!
I honor all of my clients equally no matter what their race, sex, or religious beliefs are.  I believe that everyone deserves equal and fair treatment.  Honoring my clients’ opinions and decisions on how to purchase or sell their homes is a vital tool for satisfying transactions. 
Courage is my best virtue.  I will always have the courage to face difficulties when it comes to assisting my clients in purchasing or selling their homes.  I will not succumb to any immoral or illegal activities when it comes to my clients’ interests.  I will have the courage to say no when everyone else is doing an unlawful act. 
Commitment to my clients is a life-long relationship.  In today’s fast-moving market, real estate agents end their relationships with their clients at the end of the each transaction.  On the contrary, I believe that it is the beginning of our relationships.  I will always be there for my clients long after they have purchased or sold their homes.  Commitment to my clients is important to me and it is vital to my success.
I have served America defending her freedom; now I hope to serve you in your real estate needs!

Semper Fi!